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Aug 2017
Aug 03 2017 06:38
i dos't find the sdk or api for the php or
javascript. can you please guide me for the api documentation
Aug 03 2017 07:24
Hi I'm looking for programmers to build a smart bidding system where certain participants can view and accept certain bids. Anyone to help? my email id is Will consider an equity stake as well a payment, please mail or pm me .
Aug 03 2017 07:31
@parzinskij You are not the first and will not be the last to come up with that "solution" to the "problem" of payment for gas usage. Although it may be appealing to let your user pay with your own token, this will always be a workaround. Since all the transactions of the contract will be computed on the EVM you'll have to pay in ether for every transaction. So you can make your users pay you in funnymoney but the real transaction costs will still have to be payed, by you, in ether. There are a lot of people out there, trying to use selfmade tokens to pay for transaction cost, but they all have the same problem: Their user might be able to pay with tokens, but the real transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain will always be payed in Ether. Simply no way around it. So you'll have to set up an token und distribute it to all your user (read, sell it to them) and then they can pay you to pay the real costs. It's simply not possible to use DApps "for free", someone has to pay the bill.
Aug 03 2017 14:40
Transaction from Poloniex to my wallet (Rinkeby - test network). Tell me please what I need to do to get my money. Thank for your attention.
Aug 03 2017 14:50
@pirokars despite all the warnings in the ethereum wallet app or on the various website, you still don't know, that you shouldn't use real ether on the testnet chain?
in fact, testnet ether can not be used on the real chain an viceversa
so to get your money: just make yourself a wallet with or the like
Aug 03 2017 15:29
@ENiG87 thank you for you help, but I can not understand how it's work, could you set to me short instruction, I would be very grateful for you is my electronic address
Aug 03 2017 15:57
The money was sent from Polonix to my wallet (Rinkeby - a test network).
I can not understand how to transfer from a wallet (Rinkeby - test network) to a new one, which I created with
Yoichi Hirai
Aug 03 2017 17:07

can someone help me with send token

const defaultEstimateGas = 50000000
const myContractSend = web3.eth.contract(abi).at('0x446c3Ae44f43BCc9a51F2582Af76FD050b8916A8')
myContractSend.transfer.sendTransaction('0x0C22B633bc8372a1956716330E34Eb548f3Df2ac', 2, {
    gas: web3.toHex(defaultEstimateGas)
}, function(a, b) { console.log(a, b) })

it gives me an error Error: invalid address
but those addresses listed are valid

I think sendTransaction is missing from: something after gas: .... @mjbquieta
I think the error message can be better.
Parth Oberoi
Aug 03 2017 18:33
Could someone please send me some ether on Ropsten - TestNet ?
Aug 03 2017 21:42
Need help starting a smart contract for company shares as well as a token
I copy the code from but it gives me errors. I guess solidity has been updated to use require (); instead of throw;?