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Aug 2017
Aug 05 2017 00:04 UTC
ok firs i tru to update my client)
Thank you so much for your help, you're the best!
Sorry for spend your time.
i'll go sleep, i'm having crazy headache.
See you tomorrow))) bay.
Aug 05 2017 00:04 UTC
Another thing I just thought about, you should be able to find your transaction on the blockchain using any of the websites that provide a blockchain browser before you get all synced up.
Aug 05 2017 00:09 UTC
I'll try to pick it up tomorrow, thanks!
Mikel Ravenscroft
Aug 05 2017 05:35 UTC
US Crypto Currency is seeking a Crypto Programing Expert. Extreme Pay!
@phalexo Your experience sir?
Aug 05 2017 05:50 UTC
What is it that you want to do , @USCryptoCurrency? I am currently developing a token for my strartup's ICO but depending on what you mean by "extreme pay" we could discuss your needs.
Aug 05 2017 07:32 UTC
Good morning everyone.
Now am i must creating new wallet contract in main account?
I have a three wallet contract type;
1) single 2) multisignature 3) impor, which of one?
Aug 05 2017 11:02 UTC
i want to launch ico for my startup on healthcare
Aug 05 2017 11:13 UTC
Did you recover your coins, @pirokars ?
Aug 05 2017 22:03 UTC
I want to be able to generate some data and store it on the blockchain upon execution of certain conditions. How do I go about doing that?