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Aug 2017
Aug 08 2017 11:53
who can explain? when creating a coin, it shows:
"throw" is deprecated in favour of "revert()", "require()" and "assert()".
if (_to == 0x0) throw; // Prevent transfer to 0x0 address. Use burn() instead
Yoichi Hirai
Aug 08 2017 11:53
Solidity changed recently.
Aug 08 2017 11:54
so how program it?
how to program it in new solidity?
Yoichi Hirai
Aug 08 2017 12:27
Depends on your expectations when _to == 0x0 fails. Do you think the program is buggy when _to == 0x0 fails? Or it's the user's fault when _to == 0x0 fails?
@Kurisu2 add @pirapira in your messages, otherwise I might miss them.
Aug 08 2017 12:52
@Kurisu2 you would do something like require(_to != 0x0);
Aug 08 2017 15:51
I want to know can I integrate ethereum for PHP? Someone please provide me PHP API for it which is totally stable for this.
Anyone there?
Aug 08 2017 23:26
Are there any good video tutorials to walk you through your 1st contract on a therium