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Aug 2017
Jack Sinclair
Aug 16 2017 03:02
Is there any good sample solidity code to show how to interact with another contract on the network? And how do we trigger our code to run periodically?
Aug 16 2017 08:02
what are u dong now
how should i do to start develop
Aug 16 2017 10:17
Hello everybody! I want to create my own token on the etherium, the volume is 10 billion, 3 digits after the decimal point. I'm interested in what expenses of the ether I expect that my token would work.
Aug 16 2017 12:04
IHave a question
12345wex me too i am curios
Aug 16 2017 13:50
@Eth-investment all Ethereum tokens are divisible upto 8th decimal place. Rest of your question does not make any sense to me?
Aug 16 2017 15:36
@tekspirit To run your periodically, look up Ethereum clock contracts.
@kevinwulf Just give to buyer more than one token in exchange for 1 ether. For example, someone sends you 1 ether, you send to him 1.5 of your tokens.
Aug 16 2017 17:54
Hey gus
I opened my ethereum wallet and it started syncing and then it stucked on the last 129 blocks and it's not downloading anymore and its just showsing 129 blocks left
Does it mean my wallet have benn synchronized?
Aug 16 2017 18:00
And I have another question
I have maid a transaction to my wallet before it was synced
the block of my transaction was 4/136/415
I have downloaded that block already sohuld it show my transaction in my wallet?
Aug 16 2017 22:24
I am trying to run this in truffle on testrpc. Has anyone had success with that?