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Aug 2017
Aug 17 2017 00:01
Dear Fellow users?
i am trying to create a new crypto currency for my own community base on the Ethereum platform
but i am following the code on the "create your own crypto-currency" this "throw" has a problem
"throw" is deprecated in favour of "revert()", "require()" and "assert()".
if (_to == 0x0) throw; // Prevent transfer to 0x0 address. Use burn() instead
can any one help me in private? i can hire you as consultant to complete my project.
Aug 17 2017 00:06
my email is
Yu-Chien Hung (Robin)
Aug 17 2017 06:01
@Wikiechiu Just use "revert()" instead of "throw".
"throw" is deprecated in Solidity
Aug 17 2017 06:34
thank you @Taco666
Aug 17 2017 06:48
another problem: Statement has no effect.
if (_to == 0x0) revert; // Prevent transfer to 0x0 address. Use burn() instead
Yu-Chien Hung (Robin)
Aug 17 2017 06:53
You forget to put "()" behind revert
use "revert()" instead of "throw"
Aug 17 2017 09:18
the original text does not have (): "function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) {
if (_to == 0x0) throw; "
oh i see. you meant throw ==> revert()
Aug 17 2017 09:35
thank you
Aug 17 2017 10:46
Hello there
Aug 17 2017 12:16
Hello, I want to create token, here who can help?
Aug 17 2017 13:40
@Arina66 You should help yourself by using Google and Bing.
Aug 17 2017 17:33
I am still getting "this transaction will fail" when I try to deploy this contract at any stages in ethereum wallet as instructed. ideas?
I have adjusted the gas