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Aug 2017
Aug 24 2017 04:02
Dear Expert,
I am newbie of Ethereum and I have been trying to create the smart contract by Test Network, it does not work. FYI, I want to have it by 0.00 ETH balance. Thank you
Aug 24 2017 08:28
@mateagun Mine some test eth
Aug 24 2017 08:33
Henrique Leite
Aug 24 2017 11:57
Aug 24 2017 15:19
what does uint256 mean in the code?
Brooks Boyd
Aug 24 2017 15:32
@Jpeng0108 a 256-bit unsigned integer
Howard Yeh
Aug 24 2017 16:17
I wrote an article about how Solidity arrays are compiled to EVM assembly. Should be interesting if you are curious to learn more about how Solidity works under the hood.
Henrique Leite
Aug 24 2017 18:47

Hi Guys, is it correct I say that Blockchain is good to validate transactions saved in privates systems?

Because, I am studying and I Understood that doesn’t a good a idea use the Blockchain to save every kind informations, the better is save the Hash of the transactions.

Is it correct?

Brooks Boyd
Aug 24 2017 19:13
A blockchain could be used to store signatures of a hash (and the hash relating to something outside the chain), that would effectively be just taking the existing PGP/GnuPG ability to create a detached signature of a document and making those detached signatures a public ledger.
Henrique Leite
Aug 24 2017 19:47
@MidnightLightning ok!! I'm curious how to implement this in these business areas( Financial Services,Telecom, Insurance, Supply Chain, Healthcare )
Because the information will be off chain too.
Aug 24 2017 22:11
I;m trying to use the crowdsale example from Whenever i try to send ether from a different account, even after approve & calling the crowdsale contract with the desired amount. the trans fee is 5-10 ether and it never completes. I don't get it. Does the contract require ether in order to be able to distribute the tokens? If anyone could help, would be much appreciated :)
Aug 24 2017 22:41
Hi guys, I'm very new here and I'm trying to compile the The Shareholder Association code but I'm having the follow error:
"throw" is deprecated in favour of "revert()", "require()" and "assert()".
if (p.voted[msg.sender] == true) throw;
Someone here can support me how to fix it?
Aug 24 2017 22:43
Aug 24 2017 22:53
Changing to require o got: Variable is declared as a storage pointer. Use an explicit "storage" keyword to silence this warning.
string description;
@phalexo did you answer for me right?
Aug 24 2017 23:12
Someone have Shareholders Code that compiles to share?