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Aug 2017
Aug 28 2017 10:01
Hey guys can you suggest some good tutorial for Learning Etherum ?
Just the basic installation first
Aug 28 2017 12:28
is there anyone ?
Hola :)
Aug 28 2017 14:22
Hello guys. I fixed the "Throw" issues and now I'm facing problems with the follow error:
Variable is declared as a storage pointer. Use an explicit "storage" keyword to silence this warning.
string description;
Someone here can help me???
Aug 28 2017 15:15
hello guys, I would like to create a website about ethereum and exchange as it does not have any site focused for south america
Brooks Boyd
Aug 28 2017 20:19
@gabrielmoreira1975 Use string storage description; and see if that helps.
Aug 28 2017 21:18
@MidnightLightning Unfortunately no. Using string storage description; we got the follow error:
Expected identifier, got 'eth_compileSolidity'
string storage description;