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Aug 2017
Dinesh karthik
Aug 31 2017 01:25
I am new developer for ethereum ...can anyone help me create architecture for crowdfunding with ethereum?
Sohail Munir Khan
Aug 31 2017 09:08
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Anybody got a later code than what's on the website so I can play with dao?
or a github repo with code equivalent for dao. I am sure they would have an equivalent test for compiler for 0.4.13
or later?
Aug 31 2017 16:50
@vscindia01 You can get ethereum contract on github and customized accordingly your need.
Brooks Boyd
Aug 31 2017 16:57
@gabrielmoreira1975 I submitted a pull request for the site to update to the latest Solidity version, which would help with that. If you want to get the code as-written to compile, use the 0.4.15 version of the compiler.
Here's my updated DAO code that should compile fine for v0.4.16 of the compiler:
Sohail Munir Khan
Aug 31 2017 20:13
@MidnightLightning This is awesome. I have now forked your forked repo. :)