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Sep 2017
Sep 02 2017 04:25
Hello Everyone. I have a problematic wallet contracted that I created using Mist. The wallet is showing a positive balance inside Mist, and on Etherchain and Etherscan. When I try send funds from this wallet address to any other I get an error that says "Unknown Account". I know the password is correct. Interestingly, whenver I search for this wallet on Etherchain/Ethercan I can see the address and the balance, but then the browser tab completely locks up. I've tried everything I can think of. Has anyone else heard of this problem? Do you have any suggestions?
James Ray
Sep 02 2017 05:28
I have an issue following the instructions for remix for deploying your first contract.
James Ray
Sep 02 2017 08:25
I'm still having issues going through the lllc tutorials.
@blacksausage it seems that Mist isn't really ready for use yet, best to wait until it is usable with later releases that aren't pre-releases.
Sep 02 2017 13:23
@blacksausage It does not look by your post that you have actually put any ether into that Wallet. If you used Ethereumwallet to create that wallet contract and you've synchronized with the blockchain, perhaps it is a collision, i.e. you have stumbled into someone else's wallet. I don't know what the odds are for two different sets of keys to generate the same address, but it sounds interesting if it did happen.
Satyam Agrawal
Sep 02 2017 15:41
how exchanges create the address of other user and store the private and public key on ethereum network
can somebody guide me
Sep 02 2017 19:09
can someone explain me the stepps to create a coin/wallets system and the possibilities i can alter the shape of the coin?
Sep 02 2017 19:29
Hey. Is it possible to send to multiple addresses with an existing Ethereum Token?
Sep 02 2017 19:32
@KingScorpio , follow the steps on the website:)
Vivian Lobo
Sep 02 2017 20:46
I used about 10$ worth of Ether
while setting up the wallet
now I cannot find it
any idea where to look