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Sep 2017
Samuel Tirtawidjaja
Sep 03 2017 04:01
where i can put this source code of making my own token?
Sep 03 2017 05:50
how do I create a token
Samuel Tirtawidjaja
Sep 03 2017 09:00
hey guys
what is a pragma solidity and can i change it?
and i got this error actually Undeclared identifier.
require (_to != 0x0); // Prevent transfer to 0x0 address. Use burn() instead
Dontrail Cotlage
Sep 03 2017 12:15
I'm having issues with on the new version of mist is there a way to update mist solidity compiler?
Sep 03 2017 12:28
Hi guys, quick question:
function foo() payable {;
In that case, who is paying for the 250000 gas? Is it the msg.sender or the contract?
Sep 03 2017 15:00

Hi guys! I've been having an issue with the Shareholders Association on the latest Ethereum Wallet version (0.9). Here's the error:

Variable is declared as a storage pointer. Use an explicit "storage" keyword to silence this warning.

Was putting storage after the datatype and made it to:

string storage description;

But it still isn't working. Any thoughts on this??

Dontrail Cotlage
Sep 03 2017 19:19
@jjpsuarez1113 same issue the compiler doesn't work
Sep 03 2017 21:22
Hi guys,
I was creating my first token on the ethereum network.
I saw that a lot of people used SafeMath in their contracts.
Using the updated example on the Ethereum's token creation page is still necessary to use it? Are there things to take care with that code?