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Sep 2017
Sep 04 2017 02:48
@kingassune glad that I wasn't the only one experiencing this. It seems like the compiler of the Ethereum Wallet isn't updated. It's still running on 4.13. Can we somehow update the compiler version of the Ethereum Wallet?
Weijin Zhu
Sep 04 2017 03:45
hello guys
Samuel Tirtawidjaja
Sep 04 2017 04:51
hi guys
i just want to ask for the state of dapps
so in order to make it running do i need to make it from meteor js ?
Sep 04 2017 09:29
Hi guys. I deployed my token but why the data is always 0x?
Sep 04 2017 16:02
can someone link to the best way to purchase ethereum in USD... or the process of downloading a wallet etc...
Sep 04 2017 21:25
Can anyone here give me a little advice as to why my new token I created will not send to another address?