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Sep 2017
Sep 09 2017 03:54
Thank you @phalexo
@phalexo Let me ask you since you seem to have more experience with launching a token. I am looking for a way to launch without using the terminal. Perhaps you know of a wallet or site that helps with this. I tried Parity Ethereum and Ethereum Wallet but can't seem to get either to work. In both I get close but at the end I can't seem to mine the Eth or figure how to transfer Bitcoin to the wallet.
Sep 09 2017 11:45
@dkonig1234 My experience has been with Rinkeby testnet. I don't know what you mean with "transfer Bitcoin to the wallet." You have to CONVERT your bitcoin to Ether using an exchange, and your wallet can control private/public keys. Wallets do NOT contain any ether, all the balance data is in the blockchain. Wallets only manage keys for different account addresses.
Sep 09 2017 13:00
hello guys i want to make my own cryptocurrency is this possible here
Sep 09 2017 13:06
the same question
and also a quick one, why we need a token to get started?
Sep 09 2017 13:31
anyone also knows if there is a way to avoid downloading all the blocks locally?
Laxman Singh
Sep 09 2017 14:54
hello everyone, i have ready smart contracts written in solidity to create my new cryptocurrency token. I have set totalsupply, name and symbol. But i didn't find any help in tutorials that how can i set initial rate of my cryptocurrency. Please help me to set rate of my coin ? Thank You
Sep 09 2017 16:39
opinions on ether in short term future and long term future