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Sep 2017
Sep 10 2017 00:15 UTC
is opening the wallet download and it downloading blocks supposed to stop? is says downloading blocks (25 peers) block 800000 of 4000000
it doesnt seem to be progressing. I am using a laptop
I thought I was just trying to make my own currency
Sep 10 2017 00:21 UTC
ahh I see a lot of people having problems with this... Gonna be a hard sale if this stuff isnt more user friendly
Keno Leon
Sep 10 2017 01:05 UTC
@phalexo : The good and the great are seldom the same person.
Sep 10 2017 02:05 UTC
Hello I have a great Idea for ethereum smart contracts. I want to fund the start up with ICO. Can anyone here help
Keno Leon
Sep 10 2017 02:24 UTC
@cecote20 : What do you need help with ?
Sep 10 2017 07:51 UTC
wow, so all the questions are in that same line of thoughts. I guess not being user-friendly is part of the game.
User-friendly implies simplicity, there is rather complex idea behind blockchain
Sep 10 2017 08:04 UTC
I used the example contract to create a token with Ethereum Wallet. I paid the gas but it's been running for 5 days now. Is there any kind of minimum wallet balance needed above the ETH to pay the gas)? My wallet sync'd but it still shows "creating contract".
I'm trying to create a token on mainnet.
Sep 10 2017 08:13 UTC
Hi, can I use windows to create a coin?
Sep 10 2017 08:57 UTC
I couldn't. Google "ethereum wallet stuck creating contract" and you will see many others have the same problem.
Sep 10 2017 12:14 UTC
why the error is "web3.isConnected is not a function"?
Sep 10 2017 12:33 UTC
@cecote20 I am sure you can pay someone to help, with USD.
Sep 10 2017 14:52 UTC
i need to create token..i dont know coding..kindly guide step by step
Sep 10 2017 16:14 UTC
Sep 10 2017 17:15 UTC
@greatyaqi are you working on private networking than you should start geth with web3
Ayushya Chitransh
Sep 10 2017 17:28 UTC
Is there any guide to setup a public node for parity?
Sep 10 2017 20:22 UTC
There definitely seems to be a bug with Ethereum Wallet/Mist 0-9-0. I use the sample with no modifications. Created 100M tokens and paid the gas. A week later, it still shows "creating contract" even though it's sync'd a few times and my wallet has been debited the transaction fee. I've seen reports on the web about Ethereum Wallet getting "stuck" but never saw any resolutions to this problem.
Sep 10 2017 20:31 UTC
@aphilsmith Apparently this bug is exclusively afflicting you, because the blockchain is awash in crappy contracts from people who just dump whatever half-cooked example they can find in there without first spending some time to understand things.