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Sep 2017
Laxman Singh
Sep 11 2017 01:11
hello, i have deployed my new coins on ethereum main network. i'm trying to search my token on etherscan but unable to find there. How or when will we able to see there ? I deployed today. Thank You for the help
Sep 11 2017 07:16
@phalexo No, this is not unique to me, and there are many reports similar to this. Copying the example: and pasting into Solidity, filling out the form, deploying it, paying the gas and submitting it. Only trouble is, it stays in a "creating contract" and there are no confirmations. Ever.
Laxman Singh
Sep 11 2017 10:31
Hello team, please anyone help answering that how long process take my coins/token to be public once after i verified source code and published. Right now i'm unable to search my token.
Sep 11 2017 11:12
@aphilsmith if you think it's a bug open a ticket on
Brooks Boyd
Sep 11 2017 17:00
My three-part "Beginners' Guide to Ethereum" series is now complete; took me a few months to finish up the third guide in the series, but it now is a complete set that guides users from the very beginning steps of creating wallets and purchasing their first ether, to interacting with smart contracts. Take a look over at, and let me know if you find any errors or omissions, so I can fix them up!