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Sep 2017
Sep 12 2017 03:05 UTC
@karthik2883 thx,I have solved this problem
Sep 12 2017 03:31 UTC
Hi guys, I am trying to deploy this contract (the Blockchain congress)
but it throws an error everytime on line 58. Variable is declared as a storage pointer. Use an explicit "storage" keyword to silence this. string description;
can anyone help
Sanu Basak
Sep 12 2017 07:47 UTC
how to create own currency
Sep 12 2017 09:51 UTC
hello guys. nice to bee here and looking for help on how to create a token for our mobile chat app
Brooks Boyd
Sep 12 2017 14:07 UTC
@cafeespresso4 Make sure you're using the most up-to-date version of the Solidity compiler. Taking the current "Blockchain Congress" code from that page using the v0.4.16 Solidity compiler doesn't give that warning.
@stifler-sanu Read the tutorial at
And @somidax too: the tutorial at shows how to create a token.