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Sep 2017
Harsha Goli
Sep 13 2017 01:29
Hello there! I'm building an ethereum wallet. What node client would you guys recommend for this? I've used bcoin and lcoin in the past and they have a nice http api, is there an ethereum node client like that out there?
Sep 13 2017 12:34
would this be valid ? bool = ( block.number > x && weiRaised > y);
Sep 13 2017 16:28
in an if else statement that checks block.number, would it be better, from a memory consumption perspective, to assign block.number to a variable or call block.number in each comparison?
Sep 13 2017 18:58
why my download chain is never finished downloading ??? :(
Sep 13 2017 19:52

Hi everyone,

Are any of you interested in teaching an intermediate-advanced-level Ethereum course?

I'm starting an online blockchain course to provide rising Ethereum developers with personal code reviews, unique projects and a vibrant support community.

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You: You’re a great communicator and developer. Ideally, you are recognized / highly accomplished within the blockchain community.

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Any comments? I'd love your feedback on how to best serve the Ethereum development community.

Sep 13 2017 22:17
Hi team i am new to blockchain . please help me ... is it possible to create minable coins on ethereum ?