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Sep 2017
Sep 23 2017 15:22

I am developing a global jewelry designing company. I have remotely located CAD designers in different location in the USA. I will be giving them different design opportunities. Here is my webpage that describes the designing solution.

After my first test marketing endeavor I have been given 3 different opportunities for my designers to work on. One in Saudi Arabia, one in Texas and the third in San Diego.

After I get an estimate from my designers for a piece, how do I get the client to deposit funds into a blockchain contract, where the designers can see that the funds are provided for each job so they feel confident that if they accept the work that they will get paid.

I can see this morphing into the way all jewelry and diamond transaction can take place.

If you go to my website you will see that I have a rough diamond business. My biggest road block to 99% of my deals from Africa is the trust factor.

I get a buyer lined up from my massive network of Diamond cutters I have developed over the 40+ years in the industry. I have also developed rough diamond suppliers from African miners. 99% of all deals that are set up die because the miners want to see proof of funds.
The most common Proof of Funds SWIFT MT799 or Swift MT 760 can be collateralized by scammers This is a very costly instrument to utilize and also very shaky for the buyer because anyone can borrow against it …leveraging the instrument for a loan. So as you can imagine all those deals died.
The only way now for a person to make a successful rough diamond deal with African Miners is to actually go there and do business directly with them. As you might expect…that is one of the most dangerous propositions on earth to try doing.
If you can build a BlockChain network where all the contracts can be fulfilled, within this solution, we could dominate the Jewelry, cut Diamond and rough diamond global industry. Every company in that industry would use this.
I see the true value in BlockChain technology as providing a safe and secure way to do business with global sellers and buyers.
I am a computer dummy or I would build this Blockchain network myself. I do however have access to all the players in the jewelry /diamond industry.
If you want to discuss building this solution and partnering with me to take advantage of being the first in Blockchain history to become the only solution anyone in the industry will use to totally eliminate the old expensive and risky way that transactions in this industry are conducted please reply to this email.

Sep 23 2017 15:26
i tried to deploying my token but couldn't get through.
can anybody help me
Sep 23 2017 15:40
@kvaibhav1980 Try again increasing the miner's fee, try a different time of day as well so miners will verify your deployed token
Sep 23 2017 15:44
@piethein1628 @piethein1628 I am very new to this. does i need some ETH before deploying it.
Sep 23 2017 16:49
Hi, we are looking for a professional firm who will create a virtual stack exchange for us and also to create our
Own coin
You may contact me through my email:
It's your call what you demand indeed
Sep 23 2017 16:59
Send me a formal quotation with the scope of work,
Time required and price
Keno Leon
Sep 23 2017 17:12
@babarriaz Stack or Stock Exchange ?
Huge difference there :smile:
Keno Leon
Sep 23 2017 17:30
@phalexo I know I know, yet some of the biggest jobs I've gotten started out like that ( One I was just hanging out at a coffeeshop and suddenly bam 2 yr contract ) , so I like to at least give the benefit of the doubt...sometimes.
Sep 23 2017 18:33
Sep 23 2017 20:43
@kvaibhav1980 Yes, there is a cost for deployment you need to pay in ETH.
Sep 23 2017 21:46
Hi everyone, testing things here, I want to create a coin in contract #1 and then be able to use that coin in other smart contract #2 - how do I tell contract #2 to use the coin that I created?
Sep 23 2017 22:42
@KenoLeon yes stack exchange. As per my info, in cryptos we call stack rather stock. I might be wrong as well but this is what I heard.
I thought I will get a lot of replies as you all suppose to be programers right?
We have a real estate investment business and own few hundred properties around the world. We have planned to receive the rents of these properties in our own crypto currency. This is the main aim of my query.
Keno Leon
Sep 23 2017 23:43
@babarriaz : I can't speak for others but I personally wouldn't touch your project unless there is a contract agreement and it would be for consulting not implementing, maybe prototyping; these are all very new technologies so I think you need a blockchain engineer next to you while you are making your business plan, just to make sure it can be done and makes sense on the blockchain, so having that discussion is I think part of the job.