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Sep 2017
Kevin Liu
Sep 26 2017 03:03
Can someone help me with tutorial?
When i try compiling the contract it runs into a bunch of errors in Mist 9.0.0
I am able to get the contract compiled in remix but do not know how to deploy that to my private chain in the Mist UI
Denis Coman
Sep 26 2017 10:20
Hi. Can you recomand me the best tutorials to get started with etehereum abd smart contracts?
Sep 26 2017 13:35
i have doubt in auturefill
me too @deniscoman
Sep 26 2017 16:34
Do you guys know of an alternative app to Mist that I can use to create / deploy contracts?
I am trying to get through Ethereum's tutorial here . But everytime I go to deploy Mist ends up 'disconnecting from network', or having problems with nodes, or just randomly stops working.
Sep 26 2017 19:49
Hi dear I want to create my own crypto currency
Hello please reply how can I Creat my own crypto currency
Chest Rockwell
Sep 26 2017 21:49
Just an FYI. Nothing personal in any way shape or form. But you're not going to create a Central Mint over night. Read everything line by line. Fail. We have. But fix this mistakes. Learn what a blockchain is withed Value Added Services (IBM for example). From scratch write an algo that mines a non reproducible currency. Then you will understand it fully. Only saying that because you have to get angry and get your hards dirty. But do not fret and learn this stuff. This IS the future of the internet. Client server has less than 8 years. And that's only because our phones suck. lol. I'll be open sourcing some code as soon as really get into this. go to my GitHub and grab the code. No problem at all. Good luck everyone. But do not despair, this is whey way the internet is going to play out. Ethereum is just making it east for us (no joke). And I DO not work for them. actually just logged on and will start going though everything, but it's straight forward compared to writing your own...
Sep 26 2017 21:50
Someone can help me to update the compiler version from 0.4.13+commit.0fb4cb1a.Emscripten.clang to 0.4.16?