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Sep 2017
Sep 27 2017 07:10
I am creating my own coin and I have followed all steps defined in
Also I have created a GUI WALLET for it and now I am trouble that how would my coin will be show in other exchange sites. I mean I have followed all the steps but now I want to launch my coin in market with its symbol and uses. How my coin will be in use to others. So kindly help and guide.
Benjamin Bollen
Sep 27 2017 07:21
hi ! is there a repository for the code discussed on ?
Sep 27 2017 10:13
every testrpc shows new set of accounts... can we make the same accounts to show up everytime
Deepak B N
Sep 27 2017 12:07
On what condition block will be closed for new one?
Sep 27 2017 14:45
Sep 27 2017 16:38
i have questions
how can i create a token system so they can buy tokens for the merchandise im selling
Does any one Create a token system so when they buy tokens it saves to members profile for buying goods?