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Sep 2017
Sep 30 2017 05:30
how much fee for make my own crytocurrency using ETHereum
Adam Skrodzki
Sep 30 2017 09:39
@designium not sure what have You tried. heve You deployed it first?
Adam Skrodzki
Sep 30 2017 09:51

@tomakira just check it, it depends on gasPrice You set it can be even free if You set gas price to 0 (but then You need to wait very loooooooooooong even with risk it will not be mined)
there is actuall a site to do this
If You uses metamask You do not need to know solidity even. or have blockchain downloaded

You can also check it in mist

@tomakira in Mist with lowest gas price it takes 2 finneys ~ 1USD
Fogler Tibor (Utopszkij)
Sep 30 2017 15:56

help me!
I want build contact. error message:
Could not compile source code.

Expected pragma, import directive or contract/interface/library definition.
uint public minimumQuorum;

Darrall Joseph Lee
Sep 30 2017 19:23
hello is anyone there who can help me
Adam Skrodzki
Sep 30 2017 19:38
@imhomos with what?
Sep 30 2017 22:01
Anyone have a link that explains the basics of mining ethereum in plain English? I have been mining for a few months and am working to expand but so far has been by the seat of my pants. Time to really dig in and understand what this bat file does, where does the etherem go, what are the relevant files need backed up, transferring to a wallet, what is the keystore(wallet maybe?) Thanks