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Oct 2017
Oct 03 2017 00:43
anyone knows what this means? "There was a problem with your Ledger transaction. If you already have a pending transaction (enter your address on Etherscan to find out), please wait for it to confirm and then try again."
Oct 03 2017 03:42
Hello everyone! Just a question, how do I limit the amount of tokens a person can send? For example, I only want a person to be able to send 100 Tokens in a year. How can I make this possible? Thanks
Oct 03 2017 05:21
Oct 03 2017 05:26
how long to issue 3 milions token via Ethereumwallet contact ??? i just deploy it with fee 0.01 ETH , and after 1 hour its seem not finish ... any one can explain for me why ??
Oct 03 2017 05:57
@adamskrodzki hello adam, i dont see set gas price option in Mist , can u tell me more detail ? its take too long time to wait although i paid fee for issue
Fergus Allan
Oct 03 2017 08:36
The etherium documentation is a little confusing!
Oct 03 2017 12:26
Hi there, i hope everyone is doing well. i'm following the crowdsale tutorial and i'm stuck on the code forthe blockchain congress as per - - the Contract Variables and events seem to be out of place, i
I'm getting the following error when trying to deploy the example code in mist
Expected pragma, import directive or contract/interface/library definition.
uint public minimumQuorum;
  • everything closes before the variables are initialized so it seems that either a contract or function is missing
has anyone encountered this before?
Tamas Herman
Oct 03 2017 17:20
@N-B-V yes, i think i've seen that error, but with the latest mist and the code from the latest website version should compile without errors
the /dao page has just been fixed shortly after i've separated the example source codes into separate files:
Alex Van de Sande
Oct 03 2017 17:21
@onetom thanks for that Tamas!
I also separated all other solidity files since
Tamas Herman
Oct 03 2017 17:22
thanks for the quick merge!
btw, i still see two versions:
is that on purpose? pug can't access the ones in the solidity directory?
@alexvandesande since you are here, let me ask u directly:
where should we put test code for these dao-*.sol contracts?
im planning to write some truffle tests for them, just so i can understand them better and use them to explain some real-world use-cases.
on one hand it sounds like a bit of an overkill to pull in truffle to this static web-site code, but on the other hand that would ensure that no buggy code would be published on the main website...
Tamas Herman
Oct 03 2017 17:28
(disclaimer: i havent directly programmed js for a long time, just via clojurescript within browsers, so it was not very straightforward for me either to figure out how to make pug "bark out" includes :)
Oct 03 2017 17:36
Hi all anybody help with the tutorial: . Trying to deploy a sample contract, press [Deploy] and... nothing happens
I'm using Mist v.0.9.1
nor error is shown. just nothing happens
Tamas Herman
Oct 03 2017 18:07
@lavrimax have you selected the MyToken contract from the SELECT CONTRACT TO DEPLOY dropdown?
Alex Van de Sande
Oct 03 2017 18:16
@onetom It would be a great idea as a lot of people use those codes. Put them in a test folder
Tamas Herman
Oct 03 2017 18:19
ok, thx!
Oct 03 2017 18:20
hello guys i wanna make a payment app with ethereum any suggestions
Oct 03 2017 20:52
@trevor5gs Azure has ethereum templates , can build apps quick to make payments
Oct 03 2017 22:31
I am looking to move over 6 billion USD to the ethereum project. not sure how people help but I know it needs to be done this week. any ideas?