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Oct 2017
Oct 04 2017 00:47 UTC
I have a direct connection to an unnamed Nigerian prince who wants to convert 30 billion USD into ether by tomorrow, are there any suckers who can help him out?
Adam Skrodzki
Oct 04 2017 06:01 UTC
@tomakira Mist has this slider from "cheaper" to "faster" i do not know what are gas prices for different options, but i believe it can be googled ;)
Umar Abbas
Oct 04 2017 06:35 UTC
Hi guys
Oct 04 2017 09:22 UTC
Hello , i use v0.9.1 and can't deploy contract with the tutorial: .
I can't deploy contact with the tutorial: . because when i deploy, contract are not associate to my wallet. Is so know the instruction code that allow me to associate the contract with my main wallet ? thanks
Oct 04 2017 11:20 UTC

I am on this page: and when I try to start or copy paste any code it gave me this error:

Could not compile source code.
Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available

can someone guide me if I need anything to install on my PC or any plugin or code
Oct 04 2017 11:31 UTC
Oct 04 2017 13:19 UTC
if my black Expires with out executing my order what is the cost of gas ?
Armen Mardoyan
Oct 04 2017 16:30 UTC
I have created tokens but when I tried to send the all tokens from some address to another I received error ("Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad instruction]") but when I left one token and sent other tokens it was ok. Is it bug of smart contract? If yes How can I solve this problems(I have created my tokens with default contract which is on the web page of "")
Oct 04 2017 16:43 UTC
Hi guys,
I have created a facebook group for cryptocurrency developers to share knowedge
Interested developers do join
Oct 04 2017 17:57 UTC
hello guys
@armenma I am unable to start the ethereum wallet app. Please can u help me with it. On opening the App I get the option to select the network. once I select it, the App disappears
Oct 04 2017 18:19 UTC
can anyone help me create a ethereum smart contract?