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Oct 2017
Oct 08 2017 07:56
please advise. I sent some ebtc tokens from etherdelta to my mist ether wallet, but don't see them in my wallet. Where can i find them?
Oct 08 2017 10:44
Does anyone know if Chrome usually blocks the Claymore miner download?
Oct 08 2017 11:10
Can I create my own Crypto Currency with this?
I want to create PakCoins
Oct 08 2017 14:24
@Negasuki I don't think Chrome would block Claymore, unless you are trying to download from a well known scammer site that simply hosts the miner. Find the author's website to do your download. If you download a Trojan miner, not only will it work to mine ether for someone else, it may also steal your existing ether.
Oct 08 2017 21:34
Hi All, is there a modern guide on how to compile solidity locally and submit transaction via CLI?
I'm able to follow this guide to use Remix and MetaMask to create a test token. I would like to go a step further without online tools.
I'm using, but not limited to web3.js and only recently noticed that eth_compile is fully deprecated from RPC, hence I'll need another avenue to reach my goal.
Oct 08 2017 22:13
Anybody know if there is a way to register a symbol before finalising the methods and params of a token?