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Oct 2017
Oct 10 2017 00:11
Do other cryptocurrencies ICO
use Etherums create coin
Oct 10 2017 15:21
@kameronkh what network are you synching ? Rinkeby or Ropsten...
You can see what the latest block over there is
to get an idea
but being stuck on a block for an hour is weird to say the least.
Aitor Ibañez
Oct 10 2017 15:59
Hello! I'm new to cryptocurrency developing and ethereum too. I try to make my own token. After deploy the contract ( and get more than 12 confirmations (now on, more than 50 confirmations), ethereum wallet is still "creating a concract" ¿what I missed? Thanks! aitor
I dont see my new token on send tab of ethereum wallet
Aitor Ibañez
Oct 10 2017 16:27
¿anyone have an idea please?
Oct 10 2017 22:45
browser/Untitled2.sol:6:1: Warning: No visibility specified. Defaulting to "public".
function getword() constant returns(string){
Spanning multiple lines.
Keno Leon
Oct 10 2017 22:54
@manu4github : specify it public : getword() public constant returns(string){ to get rid of the warning.
Oct 10 2017 22:55
@KenoLeon thank you
Oct 10 2017 23:05
TypeError: Name has to refer to a struct, enum or contract.
word = new word;