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Oct 2017
Oct 11 2017 05:35

I wanted to create a wallet.
The gas costs of 0.4 ETH were also deducted, but a wallet has not appeared.
First it said "create wallet", but that disappeared.

Except for the costs, the action didn't seem to have any effect?

Oct 11 2017 05:41
So I mean "Wallet-Contract" ... the easy one with only me as owner
Abram Clark
Oct 11 2017 16:55
So every app defines its own coin, if I understand correctly. What is the granularity of this coin definition? I would assume one could launch an Ethereum app where one can buy its coins with ETH, but not be able to ever sell them?
Hossein Rad
Oct 11 2017 22:30
Is there any WordPress plugin for ethereum?