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Oct 2017
Oct 14 2017 01:10
how to fix the price in ETH before going to ICO for ERC20 Token for my
kindly help me any one
Oct 14 2017 09:27
newbie - where can i buy ETH for real money (visa, mc)? Tnx
Neoceano Project MGMT
Oct 14 2017 17:47
This bit under the Liquid Democracy section is confusing : Deploy the democracy contract, and put the token address on the Voting weight token, put 75 as the Percent loss in each round and transferOwnership(address) (without any spaces or extra characters!) as the forbidden function.
@neoceano particularly, why would i set the voting weight loss to 75%
Nitin Jagtiani
Oct 14 2017 20:52
Hello guys
I am looking to create a Crypto Currency token using ERC20
can anyone help me with the tutorial to work on it.
I have referred to few tutorials on google but when I write the code in solidity IDE everytime it shows me error