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Oct 2017
Oct 16 2017 06:33
How can I create our own token ?
Qqwy / Wiebe-Marten
Oct 16 2017 06:34
Hello @vsadh-jft
By implementing a Smart Contract that follows this interface:
Oct 16 2017 07:13
@Qqwy So how will I get the token ?
Do I need to execute the above code to get the token ? Should I first sign up and create an Ethereum account ?
Oct 16 2017 08:43
anybody talk to rus ?
Yogesh Patl
Oct 16 2017 10:49
hi i have created contract using Improved Coin but it status stuck as "Creating Contract"
Andy Burkovetsky
Oct 16 2017 12:12
hi there! copy-pasted Crowdsale example from but Mist found some error =\
anyone know what this mean? =)
Andy Burkovetsky
Oct 16 2017 12:23
mm.. probably I need upgrade Solidity
Oct 16 2017 14:06
Andy, this means you are declaring twice the same variable. you should change the name of one of them normally the one in red because the other one is the one you use in the code later on.
Oct 16 2017 14:21
Can anyone help me, with the crowdsale base code I feel something is missing like the Token you want to give in exchange... do any of you know if the token has to be previously created? an what happens if I want a mintoken? because the crowdsale code has "no differences"...
Andy Burkovetsky
Oct 16 2017 15:18
@KIKO1982 👍🏽 removed and it works)
btw currently I watch this video
it explain a bit about token but mostly use Zeppelin libs
Oct 16 2017 16:11
Where do I go to start coding?
Oct 16 2017 20:18
Hello guys. Does anyone else encountered this issue before? . If YES, how did u fixed it?
@Shaithias first two steps: 1. Create an ETH wallet (I suggest MIST) and add some ETH into it. Then you can start coding.