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Oct 2017
Abner Jonathan Del Cid Morales
Oct 17 2017 03:45
Im trying to create a tocken
this token will be useful in a market, so , i have to create a token and change it with money
then i want to create a wallet foreach person in the market
what can i do
PLEASE HELP 000 0000 0000 000
Abner Jonathan Del Cid Morales
Oct 17 2017 03:56
when i create a contract, alwas
stay on ... creating contract
like this
Oct 17 2017 06:06
Can anyone tell me how to start a Mist wallet pointing to different datadir?
Oct 17 2017 10:41
@Cheths It is not Mist you have point to another folder but geth --datadir differentFolder
Oct 17 2017 11:22
I am rishad
Is there anyone to help me?\
Oct 17 2017 19:14
Hi everyone!
Im new here. Can anyone tell me what the point is of this chat? =) Thx!