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Oct 2017
Oct 22 2017 10:46
thx bro)
i found ATOM plugin for write SC
Oct 22 2017 12:18
I cannot send ethers to my crowdsale contract, not from other accounts not from the owner account neither from accounts in other laptops, does anyone know what is the issue? Is it a token issue? Or is it a problem in the crowdsale contract? Last try I used the contracts from ethereum page copied and pasted and I'm getting the same results. The problem is when I send ethers I'm getting the same message as there would not be token funds but there are... The issue about it will expend too much gas...
Keno Leon
Oct 22 2017 17:25
@KIKO1982 Those tutorials do more harm than good imho since they start you pretty high on the learning curve. Go back to square one and learn solidity.