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Oct 2017
Iman Syu
Oct 23 2017 01:41
i need web devolepment for creat Token type: ERC20
if any devolepment interested in our project, please contact us by email
Oct 23 2017 05:23

@KenoLeon - Hi! Where would you recommend as a good place/starting point to learn Solidity?

"Those tutorials do more harm than good imho since they start you pretty high on the learning curve. Go back to square one and learn solidity."

Oct 23 2017 05:45
The article refers to a wallet. Which is the preferred wallet ?
Keno Leon
Oct 23 2017 05:59
@enkrypter I have a series of notes on getting started
Oct 23 2017 06:20
i have question) How i find waillet by address in blockchain?
Nimesh Ganatra
Oct 23 2017 10:48
what is the basic use of smart contracts. How do I use my contract address. Is there in link where I can get real life example which are easy to understand for a beginner ?
Oct 23 2017 11:50
hi, is this normal that creating contract takes 20 hours?
i tried to make a token contrakt but it making from yesterday :smile:
Oct 23 2017 20:18
Can we install web3js in windows?