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Oct 2017
Oct 26 2017 05:33
where can I find a "ethereum 101"?
Oct 26 2017 05:33
about what? just general ethereum? or programming for it?
Oct 26 2017 05:33
general and eventually programming
Oct 26 2017 05:34
The sidebar on the /r/ethereum has pretty much those.
Oct 26 2017 05:35
Oct 26 2017 09:24
hi there,
where do i start? where do i sign up to start creating
Oct 26 2017 14:27
Looking for a way to pay dividends...does anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
Oct 26 2017 14:45
hi, is it possible to receive ether in a token contract?
Oct 26 2017 15:21
i need ico tutorial
Oct 26 2017 16:26
so.. like.. i'm reading through the etherium tutorials, i'm not seeing anything impressive
i'm seeing what looks like financials programming..
and that uses a language which is kind of... ugly
where are the dao's ?
that actually do something other than tally votes ?
Al Khalil Alwaini
Oct 26 2017 17:02
Here is one @DariusTheGreater “Explaining the DAO exploit for beginners in Solidity” @MyPaoG
Oct 26 2017 18:39
how many folders required for an ico token. I got confused that that golem and some other coins have way too much folders, why do they need much folder. If the coin is based on ethereum blockchain??
Oct 26 2017 20:51
@haniftradingat What you need?
@parsparab Why you counting folders anyway?