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Oct 2017
Oct 28 2017 08:11 UTC
Hello. where can I download the official miner myself?
Oct 28 2017 10:52 UTC
Oct 28 2017 14:32 UTC
Help with truffle. Trying to migrate sample truffle project on rospnet and get following message "Error: The contract code couldn't be stored, please check your gas amount." event though the contract is correctly created.
Oct 28 2017 15:01 UTC
hi, can anyone help me to understand what is the cost for creating a new cryptocurrency based on etehreum?
Oct 28 2017 16:45 UTC
hy folks
is there someone who has lots of skills about ethereum token creation?
Oct 28 2017 17:13 UTC
i am creating a token what are the most popular things people adapt in the solidity code except the total or initial ammount?
Oct 28 2017 17:27 UTC
did someone talk to me?
Dhana Tim
Oct 28 2017 19:39 UTC
hi There. could anyone tell me where to start create coins?
Oct 28 2017 19:52 UTC
you use your ethereum wallet
with some ether
but that is not as easy as said
you have also to promote that coin
Oct 28 2017 20:13 UTC
i have now created this coin website
its not perfect but i hope to get some feedback here i will use ethereum at the begining but will be longterm transactioncost aware.
Oct 28 2017 21:32 UTC
i cant create a token nor doesnt the ether wallet show me my 1.95 ether balance since its not updated and it doesnt update at all what can i do