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Oct 2017
Oct 29 2017 00:45 UTC
Im pretty frustrated anyone care to give me some wisdom?
Oct 29 2017 01:00 UTC
hello. In the "create a coin" tutorial says to open a wallet app. I cant find it. Anyone could gimme a hand?
Oct 29 2017 04:19 UTC
How do I know when a transaction is completed? All I see is a shiny multi colored ball next to the words saying creating contract
Oct 29 2017 04:20 UTC
you can always check
Oct 29 2017 04:49 UTC
well it says success so it must be all good
Oct 29 2017 06:07 UTC
So who wants some SkipCoin? First Cryptocurrency used to buy time. Not in a literal sense, but used to bypass Ads and reduce buffer time while trying to view internet content.
it's a great shitcoin
Siddharth Swarnkar
Oct 29 2017 07:45 UTC
hi! everyone, I am a beginner and am struggling to find a tutorial where a contract is using an external api to give an outcome. I am sure its called oracle but i am not able to code it. Can someone give an example by using a Weather API to come to an outcome in something like a bet contract.
Oct 29 2017 13:20 UTC
what are the current transaction costs in the ethereum system?
Oct 29 2017 15:13 UTC
Much cheaper than for bitcoin, so you can get off your shtick crying about transaction costs.