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Nov 2017
Jeremy Quentin
Nov 01 2017 06:36
Hi all, any info or links on how to use the new zksnarks feature of byzantium? I can't seem to find any info on that.
Nov 01 2017 07:12
@Orionsz I'm new to the solidity coding part, as I check in open zeppelin they have lots of folder to create a token. However, ethereum page give only one page code to deploy the token. So, concern is which one is better to code??
Nov 01 2017 07:59
I'm new to ETH
Nov 01 2017 08:02
Nov 01 2017 08:04
I've tried Mist many times.but I know little about CONTRACTS and WALLET CONTRACTS
I also install geth and tried , and confused too
I can only use solo network and mined ETH,no where to mine Test ETH?or can get some Test ETH
Nov 01 2017 08:08
you don't need to worry about contracts unless you're a developer, if you want to mine I would reccomend reading this:
Nov 01 2017 08:12
I just study ETH
I 'm try deploy contracts in solo
It seems this transaction will failed ,if you submit,it may counsume all the gas you provide
gas too low!?
Crowdsale ? I.m trying deploy a Crowdsale contract
but failed !
Nov 01 2017 08:17
I simply copy and paste code from
thank u
Nov 01 2017 14:24
how mutch eth units i need to deploy a contract in the ethereum blockchain?
Nov 01 2017 19:53
Can someone explain me different between ERC20 and ERC223. I'm learning to code the contracts but why need that much contract and how they work technically..If, I can deploy a crowdsale token from ethereum main page why people says used Zeppelin Solidity for ICO???
Nov 01 2017 21:04
hi,I install geth and ethminer.exe and both of them working now
how can I learn if mining is work?Where is my coin from mining?How much it?....
How can I see my balance
Dmitrijs Balcers
Nov 01 2017 21:11
So I want to make a new currency based on ethereum contracts, is it possible to make a client, using which users could mine the currency I've made or mine ethereum, which would be then immediatley converted to that currency?
Nov 01 2017 23:15
hi all ......i want to create my own coin , please let me know from where i can copy source code on github .