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Nov 2017
Nov 03 2017 04:14
Do you think that Ethereum will go to $7,000+ Like Bitcoin
Nov 03 2017 06:30
it depends on many factors
although Ethereum has lots of promises because it's not subjected to just a means of transaction like bitcoin
the better the applications of ETH blockchain become, the more valueable they get
right now ETH price stagnates because people are releasing many shitty ICOs
Once they filter out all the trashes with better regulation, I would expect ETH to skyrocket
Nov 03 2017 09:31
Hello Guys, Hope you can help me with below issue. It is regarding crowdsale smart contract @ and I am particularly talking about method safeWithdrawal(). The funds can be returned to beneficiary if this method is triggered by benificiary and if funding goal reached. So, the question is, beneficiary is another smart contract (Shareholder Association), how do we trigger this method with sender as beneficiary? I couldn't find an option in Ethereum wallet to trigger the method from smart contract as sender. All I could see in execute from in Ethereum Wallet is personal accounts. Please let me know if you know how to deal with this.
Nov 03 2017 10:00
@SAKhadoos So you mean you want to use the output of SAO as input for your crowdsale contract? If so they already have the ping - pong example to illustrate method overriding here. Alternatively you may also save the output of SAO on a blockchain sql database
Nov 03 2017 10:12
How do I buy Etherum
Pardeep Jain
Nov 03 2017 10:42

Hi Guys, Hope you are doing well !

I have created one sample smart contract using truffle and now while deploying on i am getting one error as "Insufficient gas funds ...." can anyone help me out from this error , i am working from last two days to resolve this.

Ashok Rathod
Nov 03 2017 11:04
Dear All , i am developing ICO with ERC20 , is there any good developer with past experience in BlockChain development and ERC20?
Nov 03 2017 11:24
Thanks @whiteshark05
Nov 03 2017 12:36
@Dpk28 do you work on Quorum blockchain ? i am having exp with ethereum only.
Nov 03 2017 13:28
hi guys
i am facing problm with tokens
can anyone help me please
i have tokens on my wallet address .... but after adding it to wallet under cusom tokens it is showing zero balance
any help on this please
i raised issue too
Nov 03 2017 13:42
I received tokens from other people coz of airdrop
If you want to add someone else's token, just go to the Contracts tab and click Watch token. For example, to add the Unicorn (🦄) token to your watch list, just add the address 0x89205A3A3b2A69De6Dbf7f01ED13B2108B2c43e7 and the remaining information will be loaded automatically. Click Ok and your token will be added.
and followed this step
Harshali Raka
Nov 03 2017 13:51
Hi all! I have just recently started exploring Ethereum & Smart Contracts. Trying to build an application which allows users to chat. The important part here is a user can decide who is allowed to talk to them(grant & revoke access for others). I am not able to figure out how to implement this part of grant/revoke and how to store if a user has permission to chat with another user, using smart contracts. Any leads will be helpful.
Nov 03 2017 14:51
no help here
Nov 03 2017 19:32
Hey Guys, I want to create a new coin using Ethereum blockchain. Can you guide.
Nov 03 2017 23:25 Here is the tutorial to create a new coin