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Nov 2017
Ade Ajanaku
Nov 04 2017 02:28
Hey guys! Is the ether that I get from the Rinkeby Authenticated faucet real ether? Or just test ether?
Nov 04 2017 02:28
Guys i have a question. I create a Token with the code on ethereum , and name him and put a symbol, but he only show for me ERC20 and not a name i put.
why ?
and where i put a image
Nov 04 2017 02:34
Blockchain geek
Nov 04 2017 04:19
Is client implementations of ethereum and evm are the same?
Nov 04 2017 11:11
Hey guys! I have one question . How could I find transcations create by me?tks vm
Nov 04 2017 11:53
Hey guys, I created a non-ERC20 token, but when I log into myetherwallet it tells me that it is not a valid token. use the code that is on the token page as a template, did I do something wrong or do I have to sign this agreement somewhere to make the token valid?
Nov 04 2017 14:01 can I get ether