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Nov 2017
Rajanshu Ujjwal (Sunny)
Nov 07 2017 06:24
Nov 07 2017 08:40
is there any way/function that will retrieve the total number of tokens left in a crowdsale contract without creating a parameter with an fixed total of tokens and just subtracting from that number every time a purchase is made?
i would like to have that number automatically update every time i add tokens to the crowdsale contract.
Nov 07 2017 09:54
just curious (and without much technical understanding of the matter really) ... will this result into an actually usable crypto-currency on the Ethereum Network?
I mean following that tutorial (that's what it looks like somewhat)
Nov 07 2017 11:15
@ArtfulCreator will check your tutorial out. I am actually looking for content to hold hands-on workshops here in Shanghai that shall introduce developers to coding for blockchain (Ethereum) related projects
Deepak Bansal
Nov 07 2017 13:37
Is it possible to do transaction from private key which is not pesent in the keystore of the client instead present some where else?