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Nov 2017
Vincent Stoessel
Nov 11 2017 03:34
Newb alert!
Ok, I'm trying to follow the Create your own crypto-currency tutorial
but in it is say to 1. Go to the Wallet App. I assume they mean Mist , right ?
Vincent Stoessel
Nov 11 2017 03:47
is a DApp basically a smart contract ?
Vincent Stoessel
Nov 11 2017 04:03
Ah, I figured out Wallet question
Empri Supriatna
Nov 11 2017 12:20
My problem is wallet
What sholat I do
What should I do
Is another
Taat sport Irc20
Empri Supriatna
Nov 11 2017 12:25
That suport irc20
Nov 11 2017 14:37
How smart contract Auction work?
Dan Schott
Nov 11 2017 16:21
Hello! One of the popular use cases for BlockChain is to leverage it as an index to data sources/api within the context of an industry like HealthCare or other B2B networks. The advantage is interesting for many reasons including "consumers/patients" get to know where their data is and perhaps control that. Are there any open source projects or tutorials that provide a vanilla example of this use case?