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Nov 2017
Nov 14 2017 04:26 UTC
I am looking for someone to give a workshop in English about something in the proximity of "Introduction to Solidity", or "coding your first contract" at Coderbunker in Shanghai. Anyone here interested doing such a thing?
here is an (incomplete) list of topics we would want to cover
Jimit Patel
Nov 14 2017 06:17 UTC

Hi everyone...
I am new to ethereum...

I am mobile app developer... wanted to switch to this part...
So far I have understood theory....
I have downloaded and installed geth, soljs on my system... (running on Windows)

But I am not sure where and how to run my first hello world code and how to inspect and debug it...

Can anyone share some light on this? I would be really grateful for this :smile:

Cindy Reichel
Nov 14 2017 06:32 UTC
I found this tutorial helpful to get started.
Jimit Patel
Nov 14 2017 07:18 UTC
So far seems good... working on it... will let you know @cidexpertsystem ... Thank you :smile:
Nov 14 2017 07:53 UTC
I might be biased but I recommend my tutorials if you are just starting and coming from a dev world :)
sourav satyam
Nov 14 2017 08:11 UTC
I have downloaded the Ethereum wallet. It shows ethereum node connected and Downloading chain structure and block with checking network. But progress is same for long time.
Jimit Patel
Nov 14 2017 08:13 UTC
@VladWulf thats amazing.. I will look into that too... I am facing challenge in installing ethereumjs-testrpc web3 in windows... Let's see :D I was never into such thing before... Will check once I am done with the previous one
Nov 14 2017 09:20 UTC
R.K. Dupron
Nov 14 2017 10:07 UTC
Hey guys, I'm a newbie to all this
I have a doubt: Are all tokens created with ethereum ico contract part of the ethereum blockchain?
Nov 14 2017 15:09 UTC
@RKDupron an ethereum token is just a number in a variable in a smart contract so yes it is a part of the blockchain