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Nov 2017
Nov 19 2017 02:37
hello to everyone, i'm new, i'm downloading create blockchain collaboration, and the software or wallet? sorry ignorance :) :(
ok I now understand, I'm downloading an application to create tokens, my coin, cool, but I do not think it's simple yet simple to promote or sell it or exchange it.
Nov 19 2017 07:14
@adatr01 no, I did not create any token. I only have sent you the link to that page.
Nov 19 2017 10:46

I'm getting this error in remix solidity browser, not able to deploy the crowdsale contract.

creation of browser/Crowdsale.sol:Crowdsale errored: Gas required exceeds limit: 3000000. An important gas estimation might also be the sign of a problem in the contract code. Please check loops and be sure you did not sent value to a non payable function (that's also the reason of strong gas estimation).

Nov 19 2017 13:07
@vrms can u help me pls
Nov 19 2017 14:15
Rafal Ciesielczuk
Nov 19 2017 15:17
Hey guys, do you have any recommended tutorials for iOS/Android? I was looking around and couldn't find anything concrete
Nov 19 2017 18:16
Hi,Any solidity developer here?I want to create my own currency and my website user will transfer my currency to each one..Is this imposible with solidity?Should I use solidity transfer function for sening my currency?
Nov 19 2017 18:29