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Nov 2017
Nov 20 2017 04:12
sorry guys i'm noob for mining anyelse say how minig whit mist?
Gopal Panda
Nov 20 2017 05:11
I am unable to run the command truffle migrate , in truffle console i am getting Error: HelloWorld has not been deployed to detected network (network/artifact mismatch)
Nov 20 2017 06:19

Hey guys built this app from scratch , for hackathon

It has all the componenet of an application
web app , mobile app , backend

Give us a start if you think its interesting
Nov 20 2017 06:20
hi guys) what means this words of Casper:
"The meeting confirmed that Casper has a full Python implementation and that it has undergone some minor testing."
Nov 20 2017 07:12
Hi I want to build
altcoin with ether
Nov 20 2017 08:23
Well well well, looks like there is a lot of people who needs help around here. Vitalik are you around? :3