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Nov 2017
Nov 23 2017 06:56
where can i find a good tutorial on how to fix a re-entrancy warning?
this link does not help much as i have already gave new varaiables the value of incomming variables -
Nov 23 2017 08:45
Hi guys , pls I’m trying to deploy a contract to the live network and I have 0.46 eth. However when I do ‘truffle migrate —network live’ I’m getting Error: insufficient funds for gas* price + value. I’m not sure why
Nov 23 2017 08:49
It’s because you don’t have enough gas
Nov 23 2017 09:05
@jdmcwhinnie how much gas is needed?
@najienka whats your total supply
Nov 23 2017 10:22
I have 0.46 eth and I’m trying to deploy a token contract with total supply of 500 million
I tested same code on ropsten and it deployed successfully
Nov 23 2017 11:16
@adatr01 give your github id or telegram id. I would like to help
Nov 23 2017 11:21
I can help in creating ERC20 tokens, writing smart contracts using solidity or even launch an ICO.
Nov 23 2017 11:34
@Shachindra How would stora a peice of data on the block chain that you want to be public to anyone?
Nov 23 2017 11:36
Check out bigchain DB.
You can put the data there and put its hash in any transaction
@kaptenhenrik Let me know if you need more inputs
Nov 23 2017 11:59
Hey guys, anyone that can help me with a truffle question :-)?
Nov 23 2017 13:25
@Shachindra I send you a PM
Nov 23 2017 18:09
pragma solidity ^0.4.11;
contract Fund {
/// Mapping of ether shares of the contract.
mapping(address => uint) shares;
/// Withdraw your share.
function withdraw() {
var share = shares[msg.sender];
shares[msg.sender] = 0;
Gopal Panda
Nov 23 2017 19:09
@wouterbruinings please ask the question you have on Truffle