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Nov 2017
Nov 26 2017 09:06
buy token on local truffle gives transaction revert error anyone can help to solve this issue
Nov 26 2017 10:52
Nov 26 2017 14:37
Hi everyone, I want to start my own coin and implement smart contracts in my other apps, how can I do that?
Nov 26 2017 14:58
I want to start my own Aerospace company, how can I do that?
Rehmat ullah Malik
Nov 26 2017 15:27
hello, how to start deploying contract?
Nov 26 2017 15:41
Helo pls my initial supply is returning 0.00000000000 on the ROPSTEN (Revival) TESTNET when am watching token through how do I fix this
Glen T
Nov 26 2017 19:43
noob alert: I created a contract 3 days ago, funded it with ether, but it's still spinning "creating contract". Any ideas out there?
Nov 26 2017 21:00
Can to write a crowdsale contract am looking for a tutotial video with OpenZeppelin