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Nov 2017
Nov 28 2017 00:22
i have a web project that i am launching and looking to sell some of its shares through ethereum
is this a valid usecase
based on the documentation, i see it is.
FYI Noob Alert! :D
Nov 28 2017 01:41
i need expert person in blockchain and cryptocurrency
i added custom contruct but its gray icon
Nov 28 2017 05:23
@sc0Vu yes
Peter Lai
Nov 28 2017 06:39
@edirin247 I think you should copy the contract dependencies to remix browser editor. Or you can use truffle and npm on local machine. You can see my example token using zeppelin-contract here Hope it helps:)
Nov 28 2017 07:45
Is there any way for me to help Ethereum or is there some way that I can chat with someone to explain exactly how all this works?
I've watched tons of videos and read datasheets but I still wanted to ask specific questions to an actual human who knows the system. And I'd love to help the project for free
Nov 28 2017 07:50
@pandagopal are you sure youre TESTRPC is running?
Nov 28 2017 10:40
Hey guys, this is probably an idiotic question - just getting started with Web3JS and I'm a little unsure about the HttpProvider. I get how it works locally (not an issue) but how would it work in terms of a mobile app, would I just host the provider on a server of mine? Would that still be classed as 'client-side'?
Nov 28 2017 10:51
Think I've found the answer, I assume I'd just connect to a public node such as: const web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(""));
Nov 28 2017 10:57
@aggrogg this is the deaf helping the blind(Dutch expression), but I think that MetaMask is what will have your app connected to the Ethereum network. The user of your app can select whatever network he wants to connect to using MetaMask.
Nov 28 2017 11:00
Even on a standalone mobile app?
Nov 28 2017 11:01
For standalone, I think the Status project is the place to go.
if native is what yo mean by standalone
Nov 28 2017 12:31
Status React look great, has anyone had any experience with it? Better than just using an API service?
Marcos Allende López
Nov 28 2017 19:23
Hi all. I would like to start playing with Ethereum for developing. What is the best tutorial guide? Thanks!