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Nov 2017
Nov 30 2017 09:38
with my mac can i mine or i need server with specific other hardware to mine in entheriam?
Nov 30 2017 12:22
Hello, what is the best methoud for accepting payments on webshop, generate a new wallet or use smart contracts?
Nov 30 2017 13:03
ohoy! i take it metmask is fine for contributing?
hmmm...wrong chat i
Nov 30 2017 14:35
How do I convert solidity constructor to abi souce code
Marcos Allende López
Nov 30 2017 14:51
@MonkeyPenny Hi! As I promised you here is the article. If you happen to read it every feedback is welcome!
Nov 30 2017 16:37
how do i change my dollar into ether]
Nov 30 2017 17:56
I've created a token for testing and deployed on the block chain..
Now I am able to see the contract address, balance and able to send to other ETH addresses
I used meta mask for this.. all went fine..
but I am unable to find out ho to set crowdsale..
I tried docs fro, ether wallet but it shows error,,
how can I set crowdslae in for a token which was created in meta mask ?