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Dec 2017
Dec 14 2017 01:17
yo - is this chat active
Dec 14 2017 04:52
I might be able to help in a week.
Dec 14 2017 05:23
Hello people.
I have been reading about DAPPS.
However, from what I read there is a fee for using dapps that need to be paid in ethereum tokens. My question is how would someone obtain these tokens without dropping close to 1,000 USD or so.
I do claim ignorance, and I am no where near the ability to make a DAPP.
I'm just not really understanding why anyone would make a DAPP when the cost of ethereum is significantly high.
Nick RamireZ
Dec 14 2017 08:14
can you check me work? i just dropped my first line of code ever.
Vinicius Kenyu de Araujo Tengan
Dec 14 2017 14:35
Hi Guys, I have one question about extraData in MultisigWallet, I see a contract that I need to insert Data 0xa6f2ae3a to get coin, why some contracts need to put and others don't need to put? I Know that it's a method ID but why I need to put this?
Dec 14 2017 16:22
hello how to make my ether token?