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Dec 2017
Dec 17 2017 01:42
Hi, please please. Are all of you on the main net completely synchronized? I am not fully synchronized for three days now. There are 292 blocks left. But am I still able to write my contract on the chain of the main net now?
Dec 17 2017 03:10
How to deploy new contract? I didn't see the menu as shown in tutorial
Dec 17 2017 10:08
I am trying to participate in the Covesting ICO.... I am lost as a ube can be, anyone help?
Dec 17 2017 16:13
FlashWebTech Inc
Dec 17 2017 20:26
please i did not get this
ERC is complex for me
i want to use it with my PHP i am checking too much complex installation
can i get help here pls??
i want to use it with my WEB on local server
Vidor Gencel
Dec 17 2017 21:18
What do you need to do?