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Dec 2017
Dec 19 2017 05:04
Hello, I launched a token in ropsten network. and I can transfer it also. But Now, I want to know more for ICO launch. Anyone please help me?
Edmund Miller
Dec 19 2017 05:42
Getting this error:interface token {
function transfer(address receiver, uint amount);
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 19 2017 18:44
I've published a (somewhat crudely formatted) blog post that includes 10+ of the most common tasks/use cases I've encountered using the Nethereum libraries to program against the Ethereum blockchain. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.
Dec 19 2017 20:38
@mwherman2000 nice, never knew there was a .net library
Dec 19 2017 23:29
anyone know why the Deploy contract is not working?
"Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available"