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Dec 2017
Dec 20 2017 11:47
when i download the wallet and it starts syncing .... it uses a folder in c:\users ... can this be changed to another drive ?
Alex Qain
Dec 20 2017 13:39
@primski you can down load the installer , then you will be given a option to recreate a folder of different disk you want .... or otherwise you can use the mk CMD 
has anyone have a template of ERC20 token creation ?
look like the official template is a combination of two contract
Avtar Mori
Dec 20 2017 14:15
What does 'this' mean in ERC20 sample code?
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 20 2017 14:33
@ToJen Yes, ...and once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to use. It's pretty much 1:1 with the Javascript library.
Dec 20 2017 14:53
Heya, Does anyone know if its possible to hide say a BTC private key in a contract, so that for example allowed user can claim it, but no one else can?
Dec 20 2017 16:25
Guys, may i know do i need to find miners for my own cryprocurrency which is based on ethereum or ethereum will provide them for their fee?
Dec 20 2017 16:44
hey, does anybody know if I can recover an account after hitting forget account???? are my coins lost??
Dec 20 2017 17:05
Anyone have any idea why when I send ethereum wallet, it is said that it has been submitted, but nothing happens after that, been waiting 20min+ and it is still saying 0 of 12 confirmations