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Dec 2017
Dec 21 2017 13:30 UTC
For a week now we have been unable to "sync" the blocks in order to join the network to create our contracts. We are using ETH Wallet 0.9.3 on both Mac and PC from two different USA states - always the same story. bad CRC blocks, then failure to get past those issues, stalls of the download process, bad "nodes" etc.. errors like: ERROR[12-21|08:23:49] Section commit failed - type=bloombits error="leveldb/table: corruption on data-block (pos=1844107): checksum mismatch, want=0xc456ae2c got=0x339c0973
Anyone having the same issue? thx..
Dec 21 2017 17:32 UTC
Hi... dumb newbie question.. what wallet should I use for ETH mining?